Wednesday, 12 October 2011

First things first

Well, i suppose it's time to give this blog stuff another go, so for now it's just random musings from me, could be about anything. No doubt over time I'll find a niche, somewhere for me to perch, but for now this will be a random stream for lord only knows!

So we can go from Books I'm reading to Films I've seen. Games I'm playing to stuff I've bought. Whatever direction we take, hopefully people will read what i have to say...

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Best Purchase Ever!

Up until very recently i was the proud owner of a Sony PRS-500 eReader, and very happy with it I was too, until the day I used a Kindle that is!

The Sony eReader was okay, but the eBook transfer process was slow and laborious, but the main sticking point was the prices of the eBooks. Man were they expensive, because you were tied to buying them from Watersones.comthe price of an eBook was usually double the price of the same book in Paperback format - so much for trying to launch eBooks as mainstream, good job!

The Kindle is just streaks ahead, the prices of eBooks are much more in line with the paperback versions (due to the VAT hike the prices of eBooks on Amazon have risen a little), but the best part of the Kindle has to be the Wi-fi, whisper-synch technology! You buy a book on Amazon's website and within seconds it's already on the Kindle, no need for wires - it just works!

I've already read far too many books, and even pre-ordered a few (delivered automatically to the Kindle on the day of release!), so if you are that way inclined - hey who doesn't like to read - then get yourself a Kindle!

So now the only problem is that i can't transfer the eBooks I have purchased on my Sony device over to the Kindle - if anyone knows of a way to do this, then let me know...

The Kindle comes in two models, one with 3G and one without - i have just the basic Wi-fi only model which comes in at £111, which is a great price - and come on be honest, are you really going to be in the middle of no where and at that second in time need to buy a new book? Now i know you can get RSS on the Kindle etc, but seriously how often do you really need it.

By the way, I don't work for Amazon! But when something is this good it really is worth shouting about. The way some people evangelise about Apple products, i think i'm heading in the same direction for a simple eReader.

So, if you really do like a good book and are thinking of getting an eReader - having owned 2 devices, i can say that currently the Kindle is the best device out there!

At some point i'll list out a few of the books i've read so far, and write a little review for each of them - but for now we'll start with the Kindle itself!